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roblox division leader app

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name: astro

age: 12

why do you want to be a ? lit 1337 roblox division leader: i am leader

what are you good at: i can press the power button on my computer

what do you bring to the team:  myself

what is your favorite roblox game: Apocalypse Rising 1/2

are you a meme: depends, what day is it


who sponsored your app 



how much R$ does u have: like 800 or something i just bought apocalypse rising 2 for like $10 irl money so


thanks for reading my app



thanks @Violator

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I took your application into careful consideration and upon asking the current admins and the management team, we decided that we are going to deny this application.


Now I wouldn't want to leave you without some points to improve on so here they are:

  1. You need to learn that there is a button where you can edit posts instead of posting twice 89059640fe63025a26b5e5b10796be17.png 
  2. Roblox requires dedication and a tough attitude. Unfortunately, you don't hold these attributes
  3. GFL's balance is currently under $9'545'735.00 as soon as it reaches this figure we will be able to support this endeavour
  4. Play real games :shrug:



This is my last "meme" post for now. Roblox isn't happening. I'm still locking this like it's a real app though 




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