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Fossil Island thread discussion

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Keep in mind, the update will be coming in September, according to JMods. 


The content will require a quest to complete in order to get access to the island. They will contain many contents, which includes:


Planned Features

  • A new quest, Bone Voyage.
  • An above ground and underwater area.
  • Skill expansions as well as dual skilling methods.
    • The Volcanic Mine, requiring 155 Kudos and 50 Mining and offering experience rates comparable to some of the best existing methods in game. In addition to this you will receive small amounts of ores and fossils. It is a new group skilling activity which focuses on the mining skill, similar to Wintertodt in that the players can contribute to the success of the team by performing one of several activities:
      • Controlling the flow of lava.
      • Removing rocks from the walls.
      • Solidfying the floors.
      • Mining and depositing minerals.
    • Hardwood Farming, allowing players to grow Teak and Mahogany trees.
    • Tracking and Herblore, in which the player tracks a plant-like animal similar to kebbits. Successful capture will allow the player to harvest herbs from its back.
    • Bird House Traps, which require Crafting and Hunter to create, can be placed on Fossil Island and offer the best experience from 5 to 35 hunter, whilst also rewarding Crafting experience.
    • Ultra Compost, a new type of compost, as well as volcanic ash which can be added to a harralander potion in order to create a compost potion, requiring 21 herblore.
    • Underwater Agility & Thieving, with no set courses which allows players to freely parttake in activities which will grant Agility and Thieving experience. Experience rates are approximately 30k XP/hr at 99 agility and 110k XP/hr at 99 thieving. Activities include swimming around while looting treasure chests as quickly as possible while holding your breath.
    • Seaweed Farming, in which Giant Seaweed can be grown at 23 Farming and provides two soda ash when burnt.
    • Underwater Fishing, where the player can use drift nets to catch passing fish or chase down their prey with a harpoon or trident. Estimated experience rates of 50k XP/hr in Hunter and Fishing at level 60. However, Fishing this way will offer the player the chance to gain Hunter or Agility experience.
  • New PoH room.



There are my thoughts on this:

With the way this requires, I am excited about this. Volcano mining, farming, herblore, much more. This is a Skiller's dream. I honestly can't wait to explore this once I complete the quest.

Dev blog about this: http://services.runescape.com/m=news/dev-blog-fossil-island?oldschool=1

Wiki article: http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Fossil_Island


Other than my thoughts - what about yours?





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