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Bye For Now

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I've enjoyed my time greatly on this community, and I know I will in the future. Yet I feel like something needs to be done about some of the players. I'm not a gossiper or somebody who spreads rumors but some players have been overtly toxic lately. I thought I could deal with it and did, more or less, alright. Recently though, it's gotten extremely out of hand where these toxic players are allowed to insult other players in OOC and gotten away with it. It got too much today, and I guess I need to take some time off from GFL. I feel like this needs to be dealt with because it's starting to get in the way of what makes this community great. I won't name anybody unless I'm asked, but these guys run rampant and need to be put in place.


I'm not leaving forever, just for a while I guess. I'll be back soon and hope to see you then. Until then, bye.

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Didn't I see you post an introduction like, a week ago?

Anyway, hope you do come back, glad you enjoyed your time here :D


p.s. if u wanna report someone, feel free to do so, if it's an admin, report him to the manager, if it's a manager report him to a Division Leader or Director

yeah i guess that's it


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Awe.. I don't know you but I wish you the Best of Luck and hope to see you on Forums! :) 

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~Made by the lovely @Rose::x: Thanks. <3


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