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Improperly banned for ghosting

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Steam ID:



Banned by:



Ban reason: 

Ghosting with Large Door


Why you should be unbanned:

I did not ghost. I would love to hear what evidence there is for this claim.

My last full round I was a T and I got murdered, supposedly accidentally, by another T.

The next round I shot, and then stopped shooting, at a detective after he randomly killed an inno and provided no explanation.

These peculiar events bear no relation to the claim of ghosting, nonetheless I eagerly await the removal of my ban, with or without explanation for the charge posed against me.




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Please give him time to respond.


@Tim_Tebow I can ask someone to move it, don't worry.

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credits to @Clavers

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Posted  Edited by BillyMartin

The reason why I banned you was because Large Door and you seems to be only killing T's

I checked both of you out and Large Door was your one and only friend on this server, as well as you being Large Door's only friend on the server. This made me suspicious of ghosting.

About 10 minutes later after I got back from being AFK, Large Door had 2-3 reports on killing a T, none of which were forgiven, I read and looked into all of these and it didn't exactly add up (possibly because he responded to wrong reports in the wrong order that he killed people). The death scenes and responses didn't exactly make sense to me. Since I cannot check your steam messages I basically had to take a gamble as to weather or not I thought you were ghosting. This would be why you were banned. Though considering your almost empty ban history, the fact you seem to be a nice player, and that I was rushing the reports when I got back from being AFK (I was taking a shit, btw), I will unban you, I'm assuming you will be wanting your friend unbanned too, so I will unban him as well.


Sorry for the inconvenience!


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