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Story of the Month - December

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Posted  Edited by PB-n-J

Hello, and welcome to the next installment of Story of the Month


The rules are as follows:


  • No pornography of any kind. Keep it off-screen. (Mentions of nudity are fine, but NO explicit sex scenes. Period.)
  • Minimum of 4 paragraphs.
  • No troll/meme stories.
  • No tagging anyone who may be in your story. (No exceptions!)


Failure to adhere to the above rules will result in your submission being hidden and any future entries for the current month being withheld.


**Please note: Rules are subject to change!** 


THEME: FREESTYLE (User's choice. Credit to @Benroy for this suggestion!)


All entries (within rules/reason) will be accepted until December 28th, 2017 at 12:00AM CST after which the voting thread will be opened to designate a winner.


(Only entries will be accepted in the comments. All other comments will be hidden.)

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Posted  Edited by Gekkota - Edit Reason: Updating Colours (Finnick says it's aids.)

Christmas Chaos

By: Gekkota

On christmas eve, there were five little boys. The five little boys' names were Xy, Gekkota, Winter, DoctorDJ and PB-n-J. They were getting ready for bed to wake up to Christmas day. They brushed their teeth, got their milk and tucked themselves in. Time had passed, then out of nowhere there was a loud crash noise! Xy was the only one who heard the noise and quickly awoke the others. "Guys, I heard something crash on top of the roof" Xy said frightened. Winter replied by saying "Shall we investigate?" Everyone seemed to agree besides Xy. "Well, you are out voted, Xy. Better luck next time!" said PB-n-J. They got their coats and shoes on and went outside to get a glimpse on the roof. When they got outside, they saw a big sleigh with Reindeer running around and they disappeared in a blink of an eye! Gekkota realised that there was a big man that seemed gizzied with his bright red coat and a curved red hat with a pom pom at the end.


DoctorDJ said "We need to get up there and help him out." Winter then spotted a ladder and yelled out "Found a ladder that could be useful to climb on to the roof." Winter brought the ladder with him and set it up for the others to climb. Once all of the got to the top, they ran to the man and were very concerened. The man said "Ho ho hoMerry Christmas to all." The boys knew that this was Santa Claus now"Santa, are you okay?" Gekkota asked concerned. "My reindeer ran away and now I don't have any way to deliever presents to the children!" Santa said. "We can help you, Santa Claus." Gekkota said. Santa replied "Really?! That would be great. Ho ho ho!" "How are we going to get this sleigh flying, Santa?" Xy said. "There is always Plan B, boys. I have rockets that is activated for occasions like this!" Santa replied. "Let's get cracking on delivering the presents!" DoctorDJ said. It was a smooth ride on delivering the presents to all the boys and girls, until...


They came a cross a big ship that said "Christmas Sucks." Then, they heard a voice coming from the speaker "Hello little brats. It is I, THE GRINCH!!! I am here to ruin christmas and steal all of the presents from you, Santa." Three large turrets come out of the ship and were loaded of little robotic grinches. Santa tried to counter it with his candy cane bazooka, but it was no use. The robotic grinches go on board and stunned the boys with a taser and stole the presents. Shortly after, the boys awoke from the shock and saw Santa in tears. He said in depression "Christmas is ruined now." Winter replied "No, it isn't. We can fight back and take the presents back in time for morning." The other four boys stood up in confidence and nodded their heads. Santa stood upand said "Ho ho ho! Let's do it, children." The search was on to find the Grinch. They came across a pack of geese which caused conflict and Santa couldn't see which made him start dodging the geese. It was a bumpy ride which made the boys startled.


Xy and Winter almost fell off, but they managed to keep themselves on. Once the flock of geese were gone, they continued the search for the Grinch. DoctorDJ saw a ship five thousand metres ahead and said "I think that's the Grinch in the distance!" Santa went full speed and charged right into the ship. The Grinch went on to the speaker and said "Dang nabitI thought I got rid of you brats. Well, time to end you children and especially you, Santa." The ship had bigger turrets, but it was loaded with rockets. He shot ten rockets at Santa's sleigh, what Grinch didn't know was that Santa countered him with a big ornament shield. Santa sent out his robotic elves into the ship and brought the presents back to Santa's sleigh. Gekkota grabbed Santa's bazooka that was upgraded with a rocket and shot one of the Grinch's rockets down. The grinch yelled into his speaker again "UNTIL NEXT YEAR, BRATS!!!" It was a miracle that they got the presents back. They only had for hours to give the presents to all the children, Santa had a trick up his sleeve and said "I shall use my special powers to give all of the presents to the children." Once all of the presents were delivered, Santa took the boys back home and wished them a Merry Christmas. The boys awoke and rushed downstairs and saw five big presents from Santa. The boys had a great rest of their Christmas that day and had a great rest of their lives. THE END!

Edited by Gekkota
Updating Colours (Finnick says it's aids.)

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~Made by the lovely @Rose::x: Thanks. <3


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"Detour, find another way." a police officer said from in front of a barrier. Ryan looked at it then checked his watch. He still had time. Ryan turned into an empty alley and started walking towards the other side. Midway through was an old wooden ladder leaning against a wall. Ryan walked under it without a second thought. He finished walking through the alley and went to his office building. When Ryan arrived at the building, something was off. He turned around. There was no one else on the street. Ryan looked down and saw that he had no shadow. Ryan yelped. He ran back to the alley. The ladder was there. He stopped before walking under it. "I should look around some more" he thought aloud.


Ryan walked to his house. It was dark inside. The lights did not work. He checked behind the door. It had a shadow. "Why is the door the only thing with a shadow?" he asked to no one. The shadow slid from behind the door as Ryan walked towards his room. He wondered where he was. "Wherever I am, it seems safe." Suddenly, the hair on his neck stood up. Ryan shivered and turned around. Behind him was a thing made of shadows. It was shaped like a man but had no face.


"What the fuck?" Ryan yelled. "Do you feel safe?" A voice asked from inside the mass. Ryan responded by running for his life. He sprinted into his room and leaped through the window. The thing crawled through the door and went after Ryan. Shadows from other houses came through the doors and walls towards the thing. Ryan kept running as it became larger. He reached the alley. The ladder was not there. He turned as the thing, now a seething mass of shadows, filled the alley. "We are going to have such fun" a voice whispered in his ear.


"Thank you for showing me this, sir" the police officer said to John. "If that old ladder had been left in the alley any longer someone might have gotten hurt. " The ladder was put into the back of the garbage truck. John smiled, his dark eyes gleaming. "Anything to help people feel safe."


“I was so good at being a kid, and so terrible at being whatever I was now.”
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down

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