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Permanent gag appeal

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Your In-Game Name: weiyuan394

Your Steam

ID: STEAM_0:0:108848503

Gag Reason and Length: Admin disrespect, gagged permanently

Admin That Gag You: Reduct

Appeal Reason: I feel like I deserve to be ungagged by now because I learnt all my mistakes that I made in the past. There are too many to name so I'll just name a few. One of it is "spamming" the forum by telling people there is games on 100 % discount which I did not even know that its considered spamming. Others are like asking people to help me get ungagged by begging admins/server manager to give me a chance and also spamming the zombie escape section in a short periods of time about how to appeal my gag despite being told about it already. Also I know I troll items alot although it might not be related to gag but i count it as being related. I promise that i will not do any of the mistakes I made in the past, so hopefully this appeal gets accepted. Otherwise, please at least tell me when to appeal again if it gets rejected so that I will know when is appropriate to appeal again.



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