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False banned by Kid admin

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Name: NightFreeze


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:129311764


Banned by:Hoxen


Ban reason:Ghosting


Why you should be unbanned: Random false ban, He Banned me for Ghosting when i never Ghosted. Nor Proof Given that i was. Unless he Hacks my Computer to see whats Running he didn't have proof. I'd LOVE too see his Coding to Get into my Computer to see what is running. Because He would be Swatted the next day. Unbanning me would be Justice. Abusive staff need their asses kicked.


What happened : So He killed me as a T, a Dude saw him and called Kos, then banned both of us. Not a single Question was asked to either me or the other dude


Side note : 

 Salty little admin kids get upset when they are exposed for Killing a innocent and its Retarded.


Not only did he ban both me and the other dude, but he SLAYED a person for Calling Kos on someone because he saw a Murder go down (T vs inno) (T killed the innocent)

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Posted  Edited by HoxenshatteredRulez

im a child yet I'm most likely older than you xD + my proof is that your friend PC was in the nether when I killed you then 30 sec later he calls a kos on me for killing YOU when he was no where near that scene. he didnt have dna nor did he have any idea there was shooting since he was in the nether.pretty easy ghosting right there my dude if I ever seen one. ALSO, as you can see your little friend PC hanging around in the nether while your dead and everything. so there is no way he knew I killed you. there ya go bud so enjoy your ban and have fun 


so I'm keeping the ban and you can lock this now


Edited by HoxenshatteredRulez

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