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So while GFL was offline due to terrorist cyber attacks and threats, what did you guys do in that time?

I have done a couple of finals now and closing in to the end of the year.

Finales in Math(Fucked that up and I have to do another one), and preparation finales in Hebrew and History including an Arabic interview Exam.


Looking for a new job, I looked in Mcdonalds because one of their joints is extremely close, but I fucked that one up with their snake looking manager with a suitcase so now they are official dicks.

And now I try to get a job in some Ice Cream place or Mcdonalds competitors like Burgeranch.












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Well around the time it was attacked, I just came home from Austin trip that I told my manager of the server I admin on. During that time, I was pretty much with friends and families, but then again I always have done it even if GFL was down. For me, GFL isn't the only community or the first at all for me. So I had other communities I'm part of and so it wasn't really much of a big deal for me. Others were sad about it and called me rude because well, to me, GFL isn't the first community. So my words hurt a bit, so I didn't come on for a while, even though servers are working perfectly fine. But I had issues in real life, yes I have a life. My grandma is dying, the funeral hasn't quite started yet. I am unsure of when I'll be going there; it's in another state. I don't have financial aid to pay for my classes or books, so I'm looking for work; although I technically already have 3 job offers, but two of them are risky. Pretty much, my time is coming to an end (not literal). I'm mostly going to be doing a lot of stuff in real life, but at the same time, I'll be spending 2-4 hours a day on here. But I can't spend more than that, because I'm very close to graduating, just one more year at most. Everything is going to fast. So yeah, it wasn't really much of a deal for me.


credits to @Clavers

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