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Permanent ban reappeal

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Your In-Game Name: weiyuan394

Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:108848503

Ban reason and Length: Harrasment - Constantly asking other players for unused forum account/email etc

Banned permanently

Admin That Banned You: xSnowyAngel

Appeal Reason: This is a reappeal after 2 months since the last appeal. I know that I made a lot of annoying stuff such as trolling in server (using items when i am not supposed to), asking numerous players for unwanted discord account/ unwanted GFL forum account in attempt to bypass my zombie escape discord ban without getting caught, being stubborn for listening to the admins/ server manager/ players despite being told not to do these annoying stuff repeatedly before, etc. But ever since i am permanently banned, I stopped to think why did I got into the state I am in right now, then I realised that it is because of all these stuff right from the beginning that I did that was wrong/ unacceptable and I understand that mistakes do stack up to warrant a permanent ban (meaning that even if the previous mistakes that I made only got me banned for few days, it would actually influence my chances of getting permanently banned when I made mistakes again and also hinder my chances of ever getting unbanned ever). I regretted for taking the admin/ server manager/ players' tolerance for granted, I also know really well that there is very little chance of me getting unbanned now since what I have done is what got me to getting permanently banned and what has been done cannot be undone. I should have just wait out my discord ban and server gag and then appealed now, chances are I would have be unbanned in discord/ ungagged in server, but instead of being patience, I kept pestering people for my discord unban/ server ungag which in turns leads me to my eventual permanent ban (I should have done the former instead of the latter, but I can't go back in time so yeah). However, I hope that the admins/ server manager/ players (especially server manager or division leader) give me one final chance because GFL zombie escape is really my favourite zombie escape server which I mostly play on because its the only zombie escape server that is english-speaking and are populated throughout the whole day (meaning a lot of players 24/7 unless of course there is server maintenance or csgo updates, etc), zombie escape is only enjoyable for me when there are many players which makes it fun, although there are other popular zombie escape servers like possession and mapeadores, but these are not populated at all most of the time and are only filled with many players during a certain period and not english-speaking too. Lastly, I want to apologize for all my bad behaviours in the past, I promise that I will display good behaviour from now on. I really hope that I will be given one last chance/ unbanned. (sorry for the long appeal and also some irrelevant things inside this appeal if any, it is just to explain things fully and clearly and to show my sincere, thanks alot for reading anyways).







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Posted  Edited by DarkLight - Edit Reason: The "Edit" part is to add "not" into the appeal cause I forgot to add it

I forgot to add one more thing, I did not join the discord using alt/VPN anymore ever since I was banned permanently from the server, any person who joined that seems suspicious ( e.g. newly created account that joins the discord immediately or not immediately ) is either someone who tries to troll/ accuse me by making people feel that its me using an alt/VPN OR just a coincidence, just to clarify by the way.


Edit: ...being stubborn for not listening to the admins/ server manager/ players despite...

Edited by DarkLight
The "Edit" part is to add "not" into the appeal cause I forgot to add it

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Posted  Edited by reduct


Thank you for waiting patiently as we have reached a verdict in regards to this permanent ban appeal for the GFL Zombie Escape server.


Due to constant harassment of many members in the Zombie Escape community (not limited to just GFL) along with general rule breaking within server, you were banned repeatedly as punishment for the continued bad behavior. Because of your accumulated bans and overall record spanning over a year, it ultimately lead to a permanent ban on this CS:GO server. Even after being informed several times by the Zombie Escape admin team along with many GFL community members on how to appeal bans and mutes, you refused to read and follow instructions, resulting in your ban on GFL forums along with the Discord servers affiliated with Zombie Escape and GFL


After much deliberation, @xSnowyAngel and I have decided to accept this ban appeal with the following limitations:


1) The player in question (weiyuan394) will be allowed to join the GFLClan.com ZE server

2) The ban lift will only be applied on the server; not the GFL forums and affiliated Discord servers

3) A permanent eBan will be in place on said player

4) A permanent chat gag will also be in place

5) If the player in question at ANY TIME is proven to have violated server or community rules, this will result in an automatic permanent ban with NO chance of an appeal.


These limitations are being placed to address the concerns of past item trolling/griefing in-game along with chat spams stemming from the player holding personal conversations in the server's general chat.


The permanent ban will be lifted on the following date:

August 1st, 2018 CST (Chicago, USA)


If there are any questions or concerns,

please send a private message to either @xSnowyAngel or myself ( @reduct )


This appeal is now closed 



Edited by reduct

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