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Pancake Jenkins

Pancake Jenkins Ban Apeal

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Name: Pancake Jenkins


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:98000735


Banned by: Console


Ban reason: Karma too low


Why you should be unbanned: Multiple RDMers attacked me in a single round, I killed 4 innocents in one round because they all started shooting at someone else or my self, so they were RDMing each other, and I got karma banned. Maybe I made a mistake by shooting the third guy, but I said sorry immediately after shooting him, and the third guy never called out a KOS so I assumed he was RDMing or he was a T. I really hope who ever sees this will understand. I really think I shouldn't have been banned, because I did it to protect my self. I rarely ever RDM. Here is a link to the clip: 


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