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Mr Z

SCP-266 "Will-O-The-Wisp"

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HEALTH - 500

ATTACK - Since 266 supposedly "has exhibited the capability to cause considerable havoc when deprived of warmth"

For each 10 seconds it doesn't attack or get near someone their damage will increase.

Base/Normal damage = 10

Every 10 seconds they gain 10 damage to their attack.

Oh and each attack they do slows the target down.

ABILITY - Again with the "and has exhibited the capability to cause considerable havoc when deprived of warmth"

This unlocks after 1m 30s of no contact and is locked once it comes into contact or used.

When used SCP-266 will get a speed boost and creates a storm around them, this will be a snow storm.

Effects - Slows players, damages for 1 every half second around SCP-266, causes the screen to be blurry and tinted light blue.

The snow storm can be turned off when SCP-266 attacks a player or a player attacks SCP-266 with melee.

PASSIVE - If SCP-266 attacks players too often, they switch to humans side and can attack other SCPs, or if a player stands around SCP-266 for 30 seconds SCP-266 will join the human side, but after a minute they become hostile to humans again.

And, Willo can use the MTF Menu when it comes to voice commands since

"Addendum 266-A: Audio logs recording conversations between personnel and SCP-266 have revealed English words and phrases being used alongside its standard dialect. Current theory is that it is simply imitating these words, much like a parrot. Further documentation is requested regarding this matter."

SPAWN - The Forest

MODEL - I Can't find any models that fit this title, a floating transparent purple orb would work, to make it better with one extra step is to make it emit a pink light

Note - I Like how they have to keep an eye on Willo if they don't want a angry spirit causing a snowstorm




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