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Any good places to visit in San Diego?

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1 minute ago, Maskiee said:

Are you looking for places like historical, amusement parks, monuments, fun places to go, etc.? It'd help me out for you to get a better understanding

Idk I guess fun places to go, just hmu with anything








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Well, Sea world and the Zoo are nice if you're into that but that can get kinda boring overtime and is something you can get most places in the US. Try the beaches and if you're down there go to the seaport village. I think that's the name of it. But I mean, there's a lot of things to do, just don't know what you're into.




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I literally just came back from there for my internship. I didn't do much in San Diego,  just visited some shops. But there were some places outside San Diego that I visited. 


Sea World (San Diego)

- It's Sea World


Coronado Ferry Landing (San Diego)

- Shops, food, and Ferry ride


La Jolla Cove (30 min drive from San Diego)

- Beach, and other activities


Universal Studios (2.5-3 Hours outside Sand Diego)

- Some cool things to do and awesome attractions. Great Food.


Santa Monica Pier (2.5-3 Hours outside San Diego)

- Small Theme Park, Beach, and Great Food.

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Mt. Soledad at the end of HWY 52 near Torrey Pines and Hidden Valley is a great view of San Diego and La Jolla



A lot of people forget to check out the USS Midway in downtown off of Harbor



Admin?  Coincidence?



Balboa Park is free and beautiful to explore



San Diego Air and Space Museum is next to it.  I'm not sure when they're open and how much it cost should there be any... I went there for an event



The gelato at Bobboi on Prospect is the best I've ever had in my life





Pannikin's is nearby on Gerard.  It's kind of a local mom and pop coffee shop to check out; their pastries and breakfast is awesome



I use to attend UC San Diego.  Most everyone at the Tapioca Express on campus and at Santorini's really know me well (unless the people are new); you might even get a small discount or free drinks simply for being acquainted with me







"The Falling Star" (on UC San Diego) is open to the public Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons



I worked at the Scripps beach for a long time.  I recommend going during sun set.  You wont be able to go on the pier, sorry





But you can go on the pier at Ocean Beach, and a lot of people like the Lobster Tacos at their "Walking on Water" (WoW) Cafe



There's a burger restaurant there called Hodad's.  They have three in the area.  Get the pastrami burger for sure



I loved eating at Chopstix Too near the HWY 163 Balboa Ave / Kearny Mesa Rd, and it's right across from an In-N-Out.  Try the tempura ice cream.  The people there might know me too...  I use to front load my meals with a shit ton of salad, and I'd eat there a lot too









I didn't eat here a lot, but I liked it a lot...  Regents Pizza... right off of Regents Rd near La Jolla Village Rd exit of HWY 5





I'm pretty sure these will be the best cookies you've ever had.  Uncle Biff's is on University St off of HWY 163



Oscar's is right next to it!  Try anything with Chorizo in it.  I personally don't like Seafood, but if you do, then I've heard they have the best Seafood too



Anything off of Convoy St is damn good.  I like eating at Manna kBBQ.  I use to eat at Jeong Won also



The San Diego Zoo is huge and expensive, but if you do have a spare day (it's going to take you all day to get through it), then I would recommend it.  It's right next to Balboa Park, so you can probably do both on the same day



La Jolla Pho is very popular among students at UC San Diego.  It's kind of like a Chicken Soup if you've never had it



Lake Miramar is a pleasant walk.  It's near the Caroll Canyon exit off of HWY 15



Hotel Coronado and the beach there is popular too



Potato Chip hike is definitely a good place, but it's about 8 miles round trip (Poway, CA)





Go bowling at SDSU, it's called "Aztec Lanes", and explore SDSU





I love the panini at Seb's.  They don't have an actual shop, but you can catch them at the Farmer's Market at UC San Diego on Tuesdays or downtown San Diego in the "Little Italy" area on Saturdays.  The Little Italy area is off of the Sassafras exit off HWY 5 if I am recalling correct.  Those guys really like me a lot too and they'll probably get super stoked if you try speaking portuguese (BR) or if you mention anything about me...  only have pictures of my parents at this one








One more place that I can think of, but I cannot find the picture in my hoard of pictures...  TACOS EL GORDO.  Just try it.  There's almost always a super long line by the way.  I recommend the abodabo tacos...  and order at least 5 tacos per person.


I'll try to post more as I think of it.  FYI: I don't live in that area anymore, and I do not plan on returning... ever.


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Good suggestions @Joshy !

My family does plan on actually going to Bolboa park, but some of these places look interesting to go to, especially the food ones.


I woke up early waiting for my parents to wake up, it's like fucking 4:18 AM >_<









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Posted  Edited by Joshy

Well, I figured I'd spill it all since I don't live there anymore; furthermore, I plan on meeting @SouRD soon, some people already know some stuff about me, and I'll be moving to England in about two months.

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