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Please Read Before Apply for Admin

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Posted  Edited by Mad_Father

As the title stated. (Creation date July 26, 2016)


The minimum time requirement has raised from meh to around 100 hours to 200 hours by the higher-ups.

If you want to apply for admins here, you have to have at least over 100 hours of play time on the server, but if the admins sees you idle farming hours (constantly, not saying that people cannot go afk), the admins have the rights to reject your application. 


Please be aware of your play time before applying.



To future admin applicants, (Update date September 22, 2016)


We are happy that you took your time and effort to apply for the administration position on this server but please make you are have achieved the following requirements:

  • 100-200 hours of play time on the server
  • Frequent server presence
  • Popularity, how popular (either good kind or bad kind of popular) are you among the other players and admins?
  • Forum activity
  • High maturity
  • Good terms with the admins.
  • Good reason to apply


Thank you for reading and happy surfing!


Probably should sticky this soon because this may get buried as more threads thrive on this sub forum.

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2 minutes ago, Rokas said:

Can you just send me the gfl gametracker or is there a link on the forums bcz don't really have time to search 

http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/  At the bottom you can search for your name and other names you have played as::D:

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