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Exposing "Freekstar, the GFL Exposer"

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Posted  Edited by gS-Gavin

Most of you know our lovely hard hitting news reporter dubbed as Freekstar. He is known for exposing many GFL members in his past.

But what you guys didn't know is that he himself, has been lying to you this whole time.


Freekstar is actually a mop with it's head being replaced with spaghetti and silly string.


I'm sorry I had to tell you guys this way. But it had to be done.
















btw Hatty's is fake, mine is totally real.




Edited by gS-Gavin

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Posted  Edited by Aurelien

This is not true, i have gathered some evidence and prooved that he is Hide the Pain Harold several times, but the people of GFL is still falling for his lies and some players has fake exposed him.



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