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Ban appeal

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Discord/TS3 Username (for those bans)


discord ID: 175680824090296322

Ban time

N/A i assume perm

Reason why you were banned

You were banned from GFL, Alt account, harrassing

Moderator who banned you


Why you believe you should be unbanned

I heard a player named monkey was in this discord, people were talking about the beef so I joined to watch what everyone was talking about, she's known in other communities for stirring stuff up, I read some messages she said @ed her in discord called her a hoe, then a few seconds later I get a message by dino-bot saying i'm banned.



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To give more details, Monkey was part of Tango. Adam, also part of Tango knew of her before.


She has a bad reputation over in Tango and is currently banned there, he in no form joined as an alt from someone in GFL.





@Ash-'s opinion on gmod: 






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You're being unbanned, but don't ever join the discord to target people within, call them names and what not. Seeing you come from another community and choose to do this is really messed up mate. All of this because she were in our discord is a big part of why you got banned cause that shit isn't okay.


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