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There's no where up to date with our ideas for the YouTube channel or really where we can post them except Discord, so I figured why not start a thread here where we can do just that, and it's much easier to keep track of information here than discord since that can get cluttered very quickly.


Anyway, I have some questions for discussion to see what everyone thinks:

  1. What ideas do we have for content so far?
  2. What tone are we going to go for?
  3. What are we going to do with the old material? It's literally just the Grumpy and Otter channel. While the content isn't bad, it's almost 100% GFL Purge and makes the channel seem less like a community channel and more like a personal channel. Plus we don't even have GFL Purge anymore, lol. I'd personally just hide most of the old stuff and just start mostly anew.
  4. How far along are we? Like, should we start writing some scripts and working with admins, managers, and members to find people who can record quality content, and can help with guides? 
  5. Also, who the hell has access to it right now? lol. While I like Grumpy and even had a shortlived YouTube channel with him, I hope he doesn't still have access unless he wants to come back and help out. 


I have some ideas for content and would like to get feedback on them:

  1. Guides on how to play the gamemodes themselves. 
  2. Interview style segments with the better players on a server or a tips and tricks video with a "guest star".
  3. Some gameplay showing off our servers while also serving as entertainment. Could have commentary or not. 
  4. Let's Plays of other games. Like Overwatch, League, Fortnite, Binding of Isaac, etc. Really any game. 
  5. Could do reviews too. 
  6. And finally, we can have a discussion hour about random stuff like good gaming set ups, new hardware coming out, new games, game trailers, and the like. 


The reviews and discussions are definitely going to be the hardest to make, but could be worth our while. It would make us seem more like professional gamers who aren't doing this solely for fun, and less like a group of people who volunteered to run a channel, and perception is very important. With that, we could potentially see sponsorships with game companies and the like which could help us actually produce money instead of having to rely on donations. But we can also make a lot of ad revenue from long videos that are easy to upload like gameplay.


Also, I've said it before but I'll say it again, I do not think we should focus heavily on advertising for GFL. I think that we should focus on entertainment much more than on showing off our servers. If the content is purely "look at our server" then I doubt we'll ever reach a larger audience. We need to throw some commentary and gameplay of other games into the mix so it seems well balanced. No one likes being advertised to, and they also don't like ads sold as content. So let's put advertising all the way in the back of our minds. 


Anyway, what do you guys is our best plan for success? What should we focus on and what shouldn't we? Let's start brainstorming ideas. No idea is too dumb or too far out there that it's not worth posting. Any discussion is good discussion and I think we're all mature enough individuals to sustain a healthy and productive conversation and discussion. 


Final note, I'd really like to start finding people who can produce content and submit gameplay from their respective servers, but I don't want to until we've got a clear outline for our future. 

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"1. What ideas do we have for content so far? "


I'll tap into this on a later date when I can form better concepts then what I have right now.


"2. What tone are we going to go for?"


I think the tone we should try to hit, should be a medium between professional and friendly. Such as a welcoming community who's all about getting new friendly faces. And maintaining the overall morale of the community which could draw players to come back.


"3. What are we going to do with the old material?"


I also would think with the older material on the GFL Channel. We could pick out the less personalized material and choose to keep more of the community based material.


"4. How far along are we?"


I have chosen for my first project to be a master tutorial for the GFL Community as a whole which can be found here. (LINK) The post goes into detail about what the tutorial shall include.


 "5. Also, who the hell has access to it right now?"


This actually brings up a question of mine, suppose we do have content creators. Would there be someone reviewing the content before it's posted to better fit the purpose of these idea's?


Onto the next part, I like all your idea's. I feel with guides on servers themselves could be really helpful. I remember a while back Pedro made a video showcasing surf. But I feel like if we further elaborated on such topic as in like adding in a tutorial for controls better detailing surf, EX: You're on the left side of a ramp, press D to surf and use your mouse to guide your movement for better speed and control."


Interviewing players is an interesting concept. I like the idea of this, how would you describe "The better players" of a server? and who would these guest stars be? Would they range from just admins and above, or even include vip's and the occasional player?


Gameplay of the server fits in with my idea of tutorials and showcasing the server.


Now... Let's plays of videos is something I am certainly interested in. I feel if we could could first, build up support for this platform first by gameplay of the servers, and gently expand into further games. It's good.


As for reviews and discussions. I have no comment on those at the moment.

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"Better players" is a bit subjective, but in general I'd imagine that each server has players who are really good at it. Like, the ZE community has several people who can quite literally do each map blindfolded. Same with surf, bhop, and several others.


It's a bit harder to judge when it comes to something like TTT where everyone has a different form of playing, but generally there are players who are consistently good. We'd have to talk to server managers and admins to find out who's a great player but also someone who should be interviewed/give tips. Some people might just be assholes and give no information so it's not worth asking. But there will be those who have useful info and are willing to give it.


As for guest stars, I just meant that we can frame it as a tips and tricks video with the host being a "good player", or as like a dual commentary video with a reoccurring host and "guest stars" being good players. There's probably other ways to frame the video but these were the two I came up with. 


Also, for surf and BHop, it might be interesting to watch a "pro" player vs a noob player to put the skill levels into context and other stuff like that. This could be an interesting series if expanded to other games since we don't have that many servers with that big of a skill gap.

"Be good people"

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