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Suggestion to improve bhop community

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Stop banning people just because you're misinterpreting a keyboard with bad or no anti-ghosting features as a null config.


The GFL bhop server manager (Reeve) has undone these incorrect bans in the past, stop creating extra work for him.

The owner of the anticheat you're using has come forward and said that the admins are using it incorrectly.

Silencing me will only make this look worse.



unbanned for nulls.png

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Posted  Edited by juky

The youtube video seems to just showcase the possibility of false positives.

As I understand the situation, you personally don't have access the any of the information this anti-cheat would have provided. In this state uncertainty you took the liberty of doing the following:

Whether or not this ban is a misfire I won't comment on, regardless, this all is unwarranted by any metric.

If you care to improve the bhop community, I suggest you look inwards. 


e* I'm speaking as a regular player here and not as an admin/representative of the bhop server (my forum rank stems from being an admin for the cs:s zombie escape server)

Edited by juky

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