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Halo Online!

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Hello everyone, so today I got something for ALL of you...


(If this is in the wrong section, move it, I doubt it is)


Okay, so I was snooping around on the internet last week, going in and out of various websites, until I found one in particular that caught my eye.


Halo Online


@Salad and others helped me test this. Basically the game was first made for Russians only since they didn't have access to it in their country.. A bunch of Americans STOLE the source code, ported it over to English, added new features, guns, armor, etc.. And released it to the public. Of course it had lots of lawsuits on their hands, but they are still up today!


So you're asking, "How do I download and play this game?" Well that's what I got for you right here!


Step 1: Download the official game from either the Torrent link or the Mega link here (The torrent like won't get you in trouble, it's actually easier to go that way IMO because they are constantly being seeded)


Step 2: Once you have the game downloaded either via Torrent, or Mega, follow the pictures below 

A. Drag and drop ALL of Halo Online's files into a designated folder. As seen here


Step 3: Once all files have been moved to a single folder.. Find your DewritoUpdater.exe and open it up.


Step 4: You can customize all your players info and stuff, but I would only change your name at this point. As you need to be in-game to see all the different armors.


Step 5: Once you click, 'Play Game' Change your armor and your graphical settings to whatever you want! You might need to ALT+TAB for the DewritoUpdater to pop up with your Halo.. as seen HERE


Step 6: Update anything you like to. All changes in real time, you don't know what FOV you like? No worries! You can edit that inside a actual game to whatever you wish.


All in all, if you're having trouble with anything.. Contact me via Teamspeak at 'PreperMynoe' or add me on STEAM


Like to visit the main site? Go HERE




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