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I've had a question on my mind for a while now, Why exactly does a host need $10k to run 31 servers? with an average player count of 518 across all servers including the dead servers that nobody plays on


just seems like a scam considering there are this many dead servers just being payed for when they could put the money from these dead servers into the populated ones

dead servers.png

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Posted  Edited by Liloz01

People tend to donate for perks, it's no scam. They pay, and they get what they paid for. You can check the donation amount per server and the "dead" ones you mention tend to have $0-$100 in donations, which probably isn't even paying for the server space it takes up, so fair point there, however, expansions, new server managers and new servers are coming to hopefully sort that out :). No one takes GFL donation money (at least since that guy who stole some) it is solely for paying for GFL related crap; servers, plugins, giveaways, tournament prizes, server upgrades and more. 



I do not see how it is a scam if people are knowingly paying for perks or just giving money because they enjoy our servers while no one is taking it for their keeping, donors know how it will be spent (sometimes on more servers that may fail).


$10,000 may seem like a lot, btw, but it can be eaten up very very quickly as we are currently looking for upgrades & more servers for the future. 


tl;dr: people know how it's gonna be spent, servers might be made with the money and they might fail, it happens, GFL isn't forcing people to give GFL money. it ain't that deep

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the donations from one server don't specifically go to that server only. all donations go into a common account to pay for all servers, not just the one that the person that donated plays on the most


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