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How to scare off a pedophile! (Story)

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So yesterday I was riding around my neighborhood with my phone in my pocket while Pokemon GO was on. I was just trying to get some distance to hatch eggs. Previously some cars were broken into in my neighborhood so the cops put a decoy police car parked on the street to scare the people away if they come back. Anyways I was riding my bike and I was just going around and I noticed a yellow SUV was pretty much following me, but I just kept going because I wasn't sure what to think. I eventually came across the road in my neighborhood that is pretty uphill and since I was going slow since it was uphill he was able to pull up next to me. At the time my bike was making a low click noise everytime I pedalled so he pulled up next to me and said you need me to fix your bike? My garage has tools in it and its right up the road. I immediately knew he was some creep so I responded with, "No thanks my dad's a cop so he's pretty smart I think he could fix it" Then I pointed to the decoy police car that I told about earlier. Right after he started driving back and went to his garage and never talked to me again.


Creepy stuff.

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