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hey look what time it is

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yo, my names Ten, and here's my introduction so I can have one!¹⁰


I joined these forums through the GFL Mall 24/7 Zombie Survival server, and have made a lot of friends there (and enemies) but nonetheless it's been fun. I primarily talk on the mic as opposed to typing in a chat. I live in the USA. I'm kind of a douchebag at times and take pleasure in messing with people but usually never mean it so don't take any insults to heart! if you really want to know a lot about me then go onto my steam profile ya gook. ;)


but yeah. thanks for reading and have good day. :>


PS if you feel like asking me anything go ahead.

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Ten hours.


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Ha, that's actually a clever introduction, but it's 7:11 am here :( 


I'm sure you're not that big of a douchebag... it's the internet!  I'm one of the CS:S kids, but welcome to the community anyways!  I've been curious about ZS and I might see you around!  I already bought the games, but I just have to get into it.


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double kill Triple Ki- QUADRUPLE- QUINTUPLE- SEXTUPLE KILL! TEAM KILL! -what I expected


What I got.







btw hi.

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Posted  Edited by Scoobers

I would say something about the time right now, but its nearly 8 hours after he posted this. But welcome and I gotta say how you look IRL does not agree with you calling yourself a douchebag. 

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