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Size/Website: profile pic size
Render, Image, or Theme: you pick
Text: Akris
Color Scheme/Style: you pick
Additional Information: I want you to make it however u want and make multiple thanks

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Posted  Edited by Bae

Akris.png.21379c936297d411822fd7f3c284fc53.png It's a bit much, ey? 😅




V2Akris.png.5b47353940b5acf3cc578e38befc671a.pngGirly enough?


Image result for gaming render

EDIT 4/6/19 - Glenn wants more simple just his name.


v3Akris.png.10dd16cd6bac8e1010353a2e0bed1676.png Galaxy Themed. v4Akris.png.2c76eb8e49eeba2c26e807e94da0f8c3.png Bubble Candy Themed. v5Akris.png.f8a46651fc5277799c2dc2254e44f0f1.pngWater drop Themed. v6Akris.png.addcd03151fd38277b2bf3ac73a15ef9.pngSummer Grass Themed.




Edited by Bae


credits to @Clavers

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