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Speculations on future operation(s) for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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If you are already an redditor and remember this from 2 months ago, this is for the non-redditors, you are still welcomed to discuss this with the community.


As the title stated above, this thread is created to speculate what will the next operation be like based on the given leaks and hints from /r/globaloffensive.


On late night of May 31 of this year, Valve has released an update on pins and some game play changes regarding to spectating and deathcam, what is not mentioned are the hidden codes for some possible (non) operation based things (can't remember the correct term for this so I refer this as things). Here are some examples of the hidden codes:

  • CArrowProjectile
  • CBreachCharge
  • CBreachChargeProjectile
  • CCSCompoundBow
  • CCSCompoundBowFlashbang
  • CCSCompoundBowHEGrenade
  • CCSCompoundBowIncGrenade
  • CCSCompoundBowMolotov
  • CCSCompoundBowSmokeGrenade
  • CCSCompoundBowTAGrenade
  • CCrateBeacon
  • CEconWearable
  • CFists
  • CFuncMovingFloor
  • CItem_Adrenaline


Compound bows with existing grenades for arrowhead and fists. are we actually going to use actually start to use fists to hit people now? can zombie mod and zombie escape finally use fists instead of knifes to infect other players? who knows? I am just here to post some speculations of future of CS:GO. Some say the bows and such are probably going to be operation-only items such as weapon_tagrenade (tactical grenade) weapon_healthshot (health shot) and item_heavyassaultsuit (heavy armor), but we all know some of us tend to use these things for something else other than its original intended use.


Something else along with this update has also caught the attention of /r/halflife, which are the NPC ai for the combine npc and some of HL2 maps (d3_breen_01 and the citadel part of hl2 and episodic)


While this does seemed to lean toward Co-op campaign with NPCs and new weapons, other redditors have also spotted new codes for customizables along with the hidden codes. For example

  • +CustomClothing
  • +Failed to initialize character paint kit index %int: '%short'. VMT is missing or invalid: %short
  • +#LoadoutSlot_C4
  • +#LoadoutSlot_Clothing_appearance
  • +#LoadoutSlot_Clothing_customhead
  • +#LoadoutSlot_Clothing_customplayer
  • +#LoadoutSlot_Clothing_eyewear
  • +#LoadoutSlot_Clothing_facemask
  • +#LoadoutSlot_Clothing_hands
  • +#LoadoutSlot_Clothing_hat
  • +#LoadoutSlot_Clothing_lowerbody
  • +#LoadoutSlot_Clothing_torso
  • +#LoadoutSlot_Equipment
  • +#LoadoutSlot_Flair


"Custom clothing"? it looks like we are heading toward TF2 too for hats, I am afraid Valve may just add stat-trak to everything listed above like they did with music kits. And it seemed like Valve is also planning to implant cloth physics too.


Not to mention de_inferno was removed from active map pool to be remade for the sake of balancing the map, it probably will be released along with the operation coming whenever.


But hey, who cares? as long as we get the game updated with new contents while not breaking the game at the same time the community will stop being jealous because Valve cares more for Dota 2.







It is like almost 2 AM here, don't expect me to write a good conclusion just because I tend to write everything long.



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21 hours ago, Mad_Father said:

And it seemed like Valve is also planning to implant cloth physics too.

Well the dust/dust2's CT models already have some sort of wanky physics in their mushroom hat thingies (yeah if you have a tactical name for their little hat then go on and tell me it because I don't know it), I fear for Valve just trying to add them physics to all models for no reason, knowing them that will ruin the FPS for some and in the case of Zombie Escape servers like GFL for example, it will kill the server as the game will render loads of physics per player. (This of course unless they mean physics only for the StatTrak dust2 CT hat | Factory New)


However I hope they add ragdoll physics like in Source because the ones in GO are boring and uninteresting to look at.

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Posted  Edited by Mad_Father

According to the diff from the end of May, spray and such had been hinted already...

What will be released next?

Taunt? HA!


Don't believe me? ctrl + f "spray" and see it for yourself


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