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How do I give my base to someone when I leave?

You use the Falco's Prop Protection Fallback Players!

How? Well you want to hold down Q (Menu key) --> Top right click Utilities tab --> Go to Falco's Prop Protection --> Private Settings --> Fallback and choose your player/friend

Do not abuse this feature please and thank you




Edited by DaLaw

GFL Ranks

[Former] Manager for Purge/DarkRP.                 

[Former] Manager for AWP 24/7

[Former] Senior Badmin for the old Purge.

[Former] Senior Badmin for the new Purge.             

[Former] Senior Admin for Hightower. 

[Former] Server Admin for 2Fort. 

[Former] Server Admin for 2Fort 2

[Former] Human Resources.  


[Bans] Old Purge - 400+


[Joined] 2012-2013.



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