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Ban appeal: the sequel

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Ah sh... here we go again, most of you already know what happened and all those stupid things I did. And part of it was because I wasn't thinking about what I posted or not knowing what the consequences were ( I didn't know that posting winter's face was a perma ban) but this is not to make any excuses, I didn't know the rules or follow them. That was very immature and selfish of me. And I realize it now, I've had time to think about what I have done and how I affected other users with the things I said or did. I know I'm not always the most serious (especially online) but again, my attitude and personality don't make up for my past here. I accept Wiggles suggestion of restricting my emotes and photos so that I won't make the same mistakes again. And if you have any problems with me rejoining the server then please talk about it here or dm and I'll try to sort it out with you. 

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