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bbq sauce Ban Appeal

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Name: bbq sauce & Toilet


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:112770400 (bbq) 

STEAM_0:1:181391998 (toilet)

Ban Reason: "Arguing with staff and disrespecting players"


Banned By: Calculord


Ban Time: 1 week


Why should you be unbanned?

Calculord has witch hunted me ever since I began playing on GFL prophunt. Earlier just this weekend Calculord saw me online playing very good. He decided that I must be ghosting but he couldn't prove it. He told me that he banned me for disrespect because he couldn't prove it. (see attachment) This means my previous ban was false. I got my ban shortened and returned playing last night with my friend Toilet. We were NOT ghosting and never have ghosted. Now, the majority of the server is singing songs by lil uzi vert and someone called an admin because we were 'mic spamming' normally, this would result in a gag, but Calculord banned Toilet for 1 week for disrespect, arguing with mods, and illegal spot. The illegal spot should have resulted in a teleport out of the spot or for Toilet to have been killed, but calculord, being the person he is, used this and the false disrespect accusations to ban him for a week. Toilet didn't argue with mods, he defended himself.  Now, seeing as my friend Toilet has been falsely banned, I asked calculord in a reasonable manner why he was banned and told him that he shouldn't be banned. Instead of muting me, warning me, or kicking me, he jumped straight to a 1 week ban for this. I find this to be extremely unreasonable and witchhunting. Calculord is here to make sure me and my friends can never have a fun time on his server. There were plenty of other people arguing with staff and interfering with the situation, which is what I got banned for, but because calculord likes them and they were siding with him, he didn't do anything to them. Me and toilet have been witch hunted and now we have to pay the price. This is unfair and I want justice. image.png.222f4135370bf1f74d2c99cc448a0728.png

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