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My apology

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Last time I signed in here, I wasn't so friendly. I had made an embarrassing shout on here that I ridiculed the TTT admin staff, and targetting Tsor. I know words are cheap and seem meaningless but I wanted to try and say sorry. I really enjoy the TTT community and the staff just more, and I didn't mean to cause any permanent damage (if any) or make enemies here. I can't remember what I was feeling or how it came out, but I did feel a little bit poor judgement towards myself with the way the people and admins were on when that happened. I felt bullied and ganged up against, but I'm also known to be dramatic. I hope I didn't ruin my reputation here at GFL, but hopefully I can show some humanity with this apology post.


I may not like certain people on TTT, but I shouldn't lash out at them, or say anything that  may not be true. I guess I took everything personally at the time, but I'm glad I was able to come back and continue playing and a chance to redeem myself.


I have a nasty feeling that I won't have as much chance as getting a sponsor than before, but I'm just glad to still be around.


Thank you,



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Out of my time in this community people make mistakes. Some of them the severity varies. I don’t necessarily know what happened but everyone gets chances.


Atleast you apologized and acknowledged what you did. On the sponsor part, if you show improvement and maturity I wouldn't see it becoming an issue. If you find yourself seeing flaws in admins or the server you can always give constructive criticism in a polite manner.

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