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New Class-E Abilities

Gay Poll  

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  1. 1. Which one do you like?

    • Controllable Manhacks
    • Abnormally Good Physical Attributes
    • Both
    • None

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Posted  Edited by Maximino007

So I heard the portal gun was removed and now all the Class-E has is a big gay taser.


Also there is a gay poll. You can answer a question in the gay poll.

And if you hate my suggestion, I won't know because no one can see what you answered.


Controllable Manhacks

The cognitohazard has effected

an Class-E to be extremely intelligent

to hack into manhacks and use them

for many tasks.


The manhacks are able to open doors

by bumping onto the button of the door.

This includes elevators.

The manhacks can also see players through

walls and how much health they have.


The Class-E with the manhack ability can spawn

up to 3 manhacks but only one can exist at a time.


The player who is controlling the manhack

can also detonate the manhack by pressing R,

dealing massive damage to anyone near the explosion.

Controllable Manhack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1268129698



Abnormally Good Physical Attributes

A Class-E with this ability reduces bullet damage.

The Class-E also can use their fists that deal 20 damage per hit.

Class-E with this ability also get a speed buff.

Edited by Maximino007

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