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surf: parkour mode

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Posted  Edited by Marksman_EAB - Edit Reason: added file and spelling.

i have a personal surf server with the influx timer, the same timer that GFL uses and i was wondering if the parkour style can be added to the surf server. its a bhop style but i think it can be a good addition to the surf server. i can link the file its self or i can link the download from the influx timer website.

http://influxtimer.com/download    its in the bhop timer download.  if you get it from the download on the influx site its this

influx timer>addons>sourcemod>plugins>influx_style_parkour.smx

the parkour style is this: left click is a 500 unit boost right click  is a high jump, high jump will allow you to jump off walls as well

i will link the file too.




Edited by Marksman_EAB
added file and spelling.


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