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New Public Relations Application

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Discord Username: Don't got one in 2019





Human Resources
Conflict Resolution


Age: {field_value_62}


Hours available weekly: 24/7 my assistant will forward everything as needed


Why I would be a good fit for the team: 

I want to do more for GFL than just killed rdmers and rdming on accident on very few occasions.  GFL is a phenomenal community and I want to help keep it that way. I have gotten along well with many players in the TTT community and have received their respect. I try to talk to staff, but I get shy. Girls get me shy in general😓. I haven't read the rules on the server yet, but I already know them. I have also helped new players on occasions when they need request for help or I can see they need help. If I were to be granted one of the roles, I will be committed to it and can be contacted as needed. Thank you for reading and hope you have a wonderful day, byebye😘


This is me btw, people move aside for me and don't mess with me. Men cry themselves to sleep after staring at me, wishing they could have the massive amount of testosterone as I.  I believe this will come in handy if things get too escalated



Prior experience: 

Yes sir, I've been an mod before which has allowed me to gain experience dealing with both good and bad people. In addition, it has allowed me to improve my jurisdiction having been exposed to more types of situations. The server I was part ranked highly/popular and not anyone could become a mod therefore it is not just a rank given.  I was mod for a good 3 years. Lastly, I did do some behind the scene stuff with upper staff which gave me the chance to build as a person.


Public Relations members, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.


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(Probably a meme) Before applying for this you may want to apply for member here

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GFL Ranks

[Former] Manager for Purge/DarkRP.                 

[Former] Manager for AWP 24/7

[Former] Senior Badmin for the old Purge.

[Former] Senior Badmin for the new Purge.             

[Former] Senior Admin for Hightower. 

[Former] Server Admin for 2Fort. 

[Former] Server Admin for 2Fort 2

[Former] Human Resources.  


[Bans] Old Purge - 400+


[Joined] 2012-2013.



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Most of the people only know you from TTT MC, so make sure to get involved in the main gfl discord and forums as stated by Rival. Don't be scared, if anyone bites, blame me. :lenny:


credits to @Clavers

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