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GFL TTT Ban Appeal

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Name: (GFL) Detective Butters


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:58694624


Banned by: Violator


Ban reason: Mass RDM


Why you should be unbanned: Well it says I mass rdmed and left but from what I recall I stayed till I was on my t round. I killed Godly (reported me saying I had aim hack) and another GFL Member*Forgot name( Said he was tired of dying in the beginning and was made that me and another ruined his fun). I was later honorably murdered for my crimes and I decided to leave. So maybe those reports made it so I was banned even though it was my traitor round? I've made a ban appeal in the SourceBans but I wanted to make this out so others can see. If anyone can look into this investigation (Maybe look back into the logs *August 20th 1-3 A.M.) I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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