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If it isn't the obvious, can you or anyone please make a forum rule of some sort? I've recently received information asking what,where are the forum rules. I know most of them since their pretty much basic and very general. If we do make them sometime soon, then this is how much I can recall on the rules from last forum. Some may or may not be correct or right, but that's up to your decision to add it, revise, or remove.




Be respectful toward others and yourself. (???)

Discrimination, racism, or any sort of personal attacks are not welcomed on the forums.

Advertisements of any kind are not allowed. 

***This part may vary depending if you want to adjust the rule on advertisement.

Pornography or extreme violence is not allowed.

Spamming consecutively posting the same or similar content multiple time is not allowed. 

***May vary.

Stay on topic. Do not drive the original thread away.

***Falls under spam rule and can vary to change depending on the topic.

Threads made in report, appeals, and application should only concern the original poster, the people involved, and the staff on the particular server. 

***This may vary depending on the manager of the server.

Thread bump may vary depending on how it can fall under spam rule.

***Depending on how you can allow others to bump threads especially admin apps, it can be a week to a month.

Openly argue with a staff regarding an issue within the server.

***Can be removed or adjusted. I meant to say that if it was an application/appeal or bugs/suggestion that gets denied of some sort.

Do not post personal information of others or yourself, such as name, address, or phone number out to public.

***May vary depending on if it is a business, which can fall under the advertisement rule.

Do not backseat moderate. 

***This may vary depending on whether or not you want to add it and adjust the rule.





I believe that's about it that I can recall. The one with *** can be like on there or not. But its best if you revise it for the better or worse. You don't have to use this one, it can be anything similar. I just want the forum rules back up, it'll be helpful to those who don't follow them. You can also add separate rules for specific groups/ranks.


credits to @Clavers

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You did a nice job though, I can't think of anything I'd change in it, regardless of where you did it.

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adding positive reinforcement

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