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Jewish Beyblade

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Posted  Edited by Rcool64

When I was on purge yesterday, there was a guy with the name Jewish BeyBlade. I decided to look this up because I was bored, and found this:


I was born a beyblade, not an average beyblade mind you, a jewish beyblade. At birth i came out of the womb singing chanuka songs and spinning just like a jewish beyblade should. I traveled the globe challenging other jewish beyblades to come 1v1 me outside tescos. I beat them all. I was proud. But one day a jew challenged me but not to fight. I asked what for? He says that he wants to dreidel me for the last latka. I screamed at him whats a dreidel m8 im a jewish beyblade. The "dreidel" just said, fuck you den no cheeki nandos 5 u. So i was sad and went back to me house. I got bored so i decided to blAzE just like fAzE, i felt MLG for once. But then michael rosen came in and asked for my dank bag of kush, i yelled, NO. He looked at me for a minute then said "bend over". I was scared, i had to escape but there was no time he bent me over and analed me like one of his many german children.


I love the internet sometimes.



EDIT: I just realized this is in the wrong forums...

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