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Just to follow up on this, and because I do not think it's entirely obvious on the new forums, that we get a global group status; it also shows with this little purple trophy [VIP] or blue star [donor/supporter] below our post count when we post.




In addition: If I were to visit your forum profile page, much like my own,  then you would see the status in your global group section.




It looks like you have this all arranged and working out fine, but I wanted to point it out - again - because I felt it's not very obvious and I think a lot of people share a similar question as yours.  We're all still trying to figure out and explore the updated of these fancy forums and it'll take some time to get use to ;)




I really like that they have now updated this such that your name and title shows much like the older forums... this makes what I wrote more obsolete, but I've noticed the same settings (the trophy or star below post and global groups) are preserved.

Edited by Joshy
Forum update changed after I wrote this


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