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Banned for duplicate account

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Steam/CS GO Ingame Name: Grimlock51

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:421144672

Banned for 2 days (2880 minutes)

Ban reason: Duplicate account

Banned by: console


Today I was banned for duplicate account. I want to tell that there are two players on the same internet/same IP address. My brother was using hyperscroll today and got therefor banned. He did not know but will stop using after the ban expires.  Now after that I got banned by console for duplicate accounts even though its two seperate accounts, one played by me and the other one played by my brother on the same Internet/IP address. It would be could if the ban get lifted.


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Posted  Edited by Loco

I banned your allege "brother" for hyperscrolling after warning and kick. To be honest the excuse itself are laughable and irresponsible. I think it's better to stay as it is since ban expires tomorrow. 


Also I'm giving you a warning that next time I or other admin see your "brother" performing hyperscrolling, it will be a week ban. 


If you have any question you can contact me via discord 

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