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Event #156 -- Map and time Votes


12 members have voted

  1. 1. Time Votes

    • Saturday November 23rd @ 5pm CDT
    • Saturday November 23rd @ 6pm CDT
  2. 2. Map Votes

    • "Weebs Parade" Re-run
    • "I cAn'T BeliEve iTS nOt UnlOZe"
    • "Like da old times"
    • "GFL Admins yoinking at the Portline" Re-run
    • "pF strikes GFL - Volume II"
    • "Qwerp"

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  • Poll closed on 11/22/2019 at 06:00 AM

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Due to the last two events ("GFL Admins yoinking at the Portline" and "Weebs Parade") not being able to be completed due to technical issues (first event happened while there was a routing issue to the servers and many people could not connect, and I accidentally broke the server during the second event) I've re-added them as options to be revoted for, if people want to nominate them back for future nomination threads then they are free to do so.


The issues that happened during the first event were out of our reach to manage and get sorted, but the issues that happened during the second event were entirely my fault. I apologize for this.


This is an event-vote based off our Event Megathread, to add your nomination to this vote make sure to nominate in the thread mentioned before!


Information on what these nominations are will be written in this post.

These votes will close on: Friday November 22nd @ 12:00AM CDT



Map Nomination: "Weebs Parade" Map Combo (Re-run)

Consists of:

  • ze_otakuroom_v5_6fs
  • ze_onahole_v3_3_3s
  • ze_S_A_M_v1_3_css


Map Nomination: "I cAn'T BeliEve iTS nOt UnlOZe" Map Combo

  • ze_boat_escape_jenz_v2_2fix
  • ze_grey_b2_4
  • ze_jungle_escape_v1_2
  • ze_hsc_a4_5
  • ze_moltentemple_p1t2


Map Nomination: "Like da old times"

Consists of:

  • ze_FFXII_Westersand_v7_2
  • ze_FFXII_Paramina_Rift_v1_4
  • ze_harry_potter_v2_1

Special Kickers:

  • Extreme mode only for Harry Potter


Map Nomination: "GFL Admins yoinking at the Portline" Map Combo (Re-run)

Consists of:

  • ze_infiltration_final_css2
  • ze_totemo_roka_b5s
  • ze_biohazard3_nemesis_b5_2s
  • ze_dreamin_v2_3s


Map Nomination: "pF strikes GFL - Volume II" Map Combo

Consists of:

  • ze_biohazard2_rpd_v4e_004
  • ze_dreamin_v2_3s
  • ze_ffvii_cosmo_canyon_v5fix

Special Kickers:

  • pF settings for all three maps
    • 900 ammo in Biohazard, 2000 for Dreamin and Cosmo


Map Nomination: "Qwerp" Map Combo

Consists of:

  • ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_v5_3
  • ze_reloaded_v1
  • ze_PoncherMonkey_Shooter_v3_5

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Posted  Edited by Vanya

To anyone curious as to what happened last time during the event, I tried to update some plugins so we could playtest a new map right after S_A_M.


Unfortunately, the plugins weren't compatible with our server and as a result we had that nasty bug where everytime someone would go to spec or rejoin in one way or another would cause the rounds to restart, therefore rendering the event unplayable. This was fixed that same day although much later on (mainly thanks to xen and Soft Serve too) and I've learned the lesson to not try and update plugins while the server is populated and in the middle of an event.

Edited by Vanya

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