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TTT Ban Appeal

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Name: Sen Lynx


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:144936269


Banned by: Console 


Ban reason: Karma too low


Why you should be unbanned: i killed and rdmer and then threw a discombob into nether to see if it was trapped and someone walked in and died and a round before that my t buddys walked in to tnt and nether when i warned them and i killed an inno who shot me his name was shockwave. this is wht i should be unbanned

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This seems to be a reoccurring theme with you. Currently you have 20 bans on record, 17 of which are because of low karma. Seeing how you play on TTT, you are careless. Don't you believe that once your karma drops below 800-900 that you should relax your trigger happy fingers? 


Here's some things I have problems with about you.

1) Throwing discoms into the nether to see if it's trapped is not a good way to see if its trapped, most of the time you end up killing people, yet you still do it.

2) You warn for traps after you activate them, and blame your T buddies for walking into them, and lie in reports about these incidents. Not saying you do this every time, but it happens far too often for it to be your T buddy's fault.


Personally I don't think you should be unbanned.

Ex TTT 24/7 Minecraft Admin.

Is Pretty Classy Too.



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