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Whats up my dudes?

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Hey guys, my names Andrew and I've been looking for a community to actively play on and contribute to after finally getting bored of playing by myself! I am 19, live in Connecticut, USA and I consider myself a pretty chill dude. I am a very social person and love to meet new people and I'm always open to play games with whoever is down! I'm also a little 4/20 friendly if that's cool around here, just to put it out there for any other smokers who love to get ripped and play games lmao. I came from a very active gaming community, where we'd all play games together on team speak, but those days are gone, and I am trying to have as much fun as I did back then playing games! Excited to meet you guys in game, on the forums, and in teamspeak! Peace

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Welcome to the forums!


Which games do you like to play?  I don't smoke, but I know a lot of people on CS:S Surf RPG DM do, and they love to just chill and talk.  It really sounds like you'd love that server aside from sitting on TS all day too :) 


Here's a taste of our culture there

I hope to see you around, and again, welcome!



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