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July 2020 AOTM



The theme for this month's AOTM contest is Screenshots.

For this month, Take 1-2 screenshots from any GFL server and post the nicest/coolest ones you create. You can also use screenshots you took before on GFL as well. 


Today, July 5th is the first day you may begin sending in your submissions. You are allowed to submit 2 at most. To do so, comment it below this thread. Submissions will close on July 25th at 12:00 PM EST and a public vote will be held from the 26th at 12:00 PM EST to the 30th at the same time of day.


The winner of the public vote will receive the following badge which will appear below any post you make, You can see an example of what badges look like under profiles under this post.



Good luck to all who participate! I'm excited to see what you come up with.






How to enter

Post 1-2 Screenshots you created as a response to this post. 



  • Any work submitted must be made or created by you

  • All screenshots must be from a GFL server. 

  • The maximum work you can submit per contest is no more or no less than 2.

  • There are no size restrictions.

  • No restriction on the subject matter, just keep it clean, please.

  • You may upload whatever image size you are comfortable sharing.

  • All submission will be judged by our fellow community users that will vote.


How to vote.

On July 25th - July 30th there will be a public poll with all submissions and the names of those who submitted them. There are 2 rules for the voting phase. 

1. Do not be bias ( Don't vote only because he/she is your friend) 

2. Do not vote for yourself. 

For this AOTM you will not be required to write why you voted for someone. 




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Posted  Edited by DragoonMCL - Edit Reason: Here's my upload, I hope you guys like it!



Edited by DragoonMCL
Here's my upload, I hope you guys like it!


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late submission

Image 1 - Battling Nihilanth in GMod Half-Life Co-op



Image 2 - The "meme room" on ph_youturd, GFL GMod Prop Hunt


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