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Surprise Maintenance!

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Tonight at 11:30 PM I will be taking GS12 offline to do some work on it. A configuration error was made while setting it up (it was setup in a hurry, unfortunately) that resulted in it only being able to utilize one of its two hard disks. As a result, we're now critically low on disk space. This will take a couple of hours to correct. During the maintenance, the following servers will be inaccessible:


  1. Rust Modded x10
  2. CS:S Dust 2
  3. Rust Modded x5
  4. TF2 MGE
  5. CS:GO KZ
  6. CS:GO Surf 3
  7. CS:GO Surf 5
  8. CSS ZE
  9. GMOD nZombies
  10. GFL CWRP
  11. TTT MC


Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


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jkjk, take your time.

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