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Two Suggestions

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Heyo, I'm fairly new to GFL bhop, but there are few suggestions that I noticed that other bhop servers have that GFL does not. I think these changes are easy to do, and are simply quality of life improvements for the server.


1) World Record timer:


Pretty simple, and I think it's compatible with shavit's timer if you guys use that. It's just an addition to your current time in the form of 0:00.00 (+/- 0.0) that displays how far ahead/behind you are from the world record. Some players may enjoy this being added.


2) !timeleft command or popup:


It would be very handy to have something that actively displayed the time left on the screen instead of looking at the scoreboard. Every new player may not know to look at the time on the scoreboard for the time left on the map. It would be handy to have a !timeleft command, or something that gives an easier display of the time left for the map.


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Hey thanks for the suggestions! Going to respond to them in order.


1) We will be updating and testing the timer soon which should have this change. This should be implemented in the near future

2) You can do timeleft in console for this to work or just timeleft in chat which I believe should work.


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