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Story of the Month - September ''20

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Hello authors! Thank you for visiting another month's of GFL's next Story of the Month for September of 2020. 


The rules are simple but not limited to:

  • No NSFW or explicit imagery of any kind. Keep it off-screen!
  • Minimum of 4 paragraphs, each paragraph should have a minimum of 5 sentences.
  • No troll/meme stories.
  • Do not plagiarize other people's works. If caught, you're disqualified from the challenge!


And finally, sotm-text-1.png.470b04829947fab9098acdd59e578cd1.png


This month's theme is Death Anniversary


The deadline for this month is September 29th, 12 PM EST. A public vote will be held afterwards till the 30th at the same time; 12 PM EST and the community's most-voted candidate will be announced on once vote is concluded. 


The prize is limited to sotm-themepark.png.8bbb1acde3b4b2aa3bd4184ffedc96d6.png being added to your profile. If you already have the badge and you won again, a new description will be added right underneath.



Any submission must be posted on this thread. Do not post for someone else.




P.S. This was supposed to be hosted by @Buzzz but an unfortunate event has happened and it was posted by me. Please give that boy some credit for choosing this theme for thy month. 


credits to @Clavers

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September SOTM has concluded. @Sgt. Squiddy is the undisputed winner, however, due to lack of participants, no prizes will be given out.


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