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baited.. masterly


I was karma banned


Name: him


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:25549308


Banned by: Good ol' karma bot


Ban reason: I may or may not have been doing some killing of other innocent people


Why you should be unbanned: Well there was lots of rdm fests going on as usual and when i kill the people that are shooting others (like the good innocent i am), i tend to end their life as well. in the process, i lose karma due to me being a hero and stopping the mass rdmers and i eventually lost a lot of karma.


Although, i admit i may have done some miscalculations and killed 1 or 2 innocents here or there but in the end ive done a lot more success for the team than i have held them back. 


plus this server is one of the few where it's actually fun.

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