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hewwo me junx

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Hey, @Junx!


If you're lonely then there's alot of nice people you can play with in this community. That's what its created for - to play together 🤩🥳🥳

Time to say good bye to loneliness haha 😄

I'm pretty sure you'll be having alot of fun! Good thing is that you joined the community! You will find people or they will find you!


I have created a thread for newcomers. If you feel you still need some info and don't know how to find it then check out my thread. It can point you directions or give new ideas!

Check it here: 



Have a great stay here!




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5 hours ago, Junx said:


i dont like mic based stuff

i rarely use my mic, still fun. 


its more keybind based than mic based

Former Gmod Prop Hunt Admin

Former Media Team Team Leader

Former Media Team GFX Member

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