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hklonghop's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: Bonbasaur / Hklonghop


Steam ID (or steam profile link): 26748677


Banned by: Unknown isnt in sourcebans


Ban Reason: Unknown isnt in sourcebans


Why should you be unbanned

To whom it may concern

I Bonbasaur / HKlonghop have been banned from GFLclan TTT servers of garrys mod, i do not know why as i had just exited the minecraft server and attepted to join in to the rotation server. Which was yesterday on 10/10/2020 only to discover i had been banned and i have also been unable to find my ban in soursebans.gflclan. As for why i should be unbanned, i had begun playing on the server multiple days go and have had no reports or complants directed against me. Should you ask players of the TTT rotation server you shall find i am of satisfying character.


Kind regards

Bonbasaur / HKlonghop

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Posted  Edited by Daddy Issues

I banned you for 3 days for Trolling, you kept carrying barrels towards people, making them kill you and in turn lower their karma, even though I already told you not to do it, even still you karma baited by carrying around the barrels towards people.  


Also we don't use sourcebans anymore, we use bans.gflclan.com. 


This appeal is Denied.



Edited by Daddy Issues


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