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im not inactive you are

Change/Remove signature limit

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Suggestion to remove signature limit.


Just tell anyone who's signature is too big to add a spoiler to make it smaller. Liloz's signature is the perfect example of it.864938770_ScreenShot2020-10-21at9_42_46AM.png.12e283f76a1c6e068d55f968f30b8ab8.png


I don't think many people's signatures are up to these specs, especially those who have it since before it was updated to this smallness.

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No, I do not want to deal with the edge cases. People cannot be trusted and this has been proven time and time again.


People's signatures who do not meet the requirements will be removed during our forum software update, soonTM.


Maybe sometime in the far future we can look into a different system that replaces stupidly large signatures with spoiler boxes, but even that can be abused, unless if we change a lot about how spoilers and CKEditor function (yuck) and I do not want to deal with creating that system now. Bring this back up in like a month after we update the forums. 

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