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Christmas Theme Profile Picture. Art Request from Bue.

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Request type:

Christmas Theme Profile Picture.



Whichever size is best to fit a Discord profile picture. :)


Source image/render: 


This is the original picture that I want changes to be made too.






(This is the picture that Vence edited for me for a Halloween theme! He was instructed to go off his best judgement but use cleverness and make it epic, which he has done so amazingly so! I would like the same Idea done for this picture but in Christmas theme :P)




Text *(optional):

Hmmm... I don't think this field will be required for this request.


Color scheme *(optional):

Christmas Colors :DD .. Green / Red / White , etc but make it blend well all together preferably.



(I put the main example above , but really anything would work.)


I put this request in early so it gives someone time to actually grasp the motivation to do it lol. This probably isn't the funnest task to do so... but I appreciate all considerations. ❤️



Additional information: 

I would prefer it to be something clever like the other one that got done for me, I will provide examples below.

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I want to give a huge thank you to Vence for creating my PFP once again... what a talented mofo-




Like omg i LOVE YOU.

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