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SCP-035 Rework

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SCP-035's Wiki Page




(SCP Team)



You are a abnormal mask with the ability to possess someone who wears you.

You are extremely manipulative and have the ability to manipulate nearby people to make them do as you command.

Manipulated people are able to sacrifice themselves to revive you back.

Kill everyone and escape the facility.


Spawn Location

SCP-035's Room



Health: 300 - 350

Speed: Same as humans



You are able to pick up any items that a regular human could.

When you die, your mask will be placed where you died. Manipulated players are able to use it to revive you.



Primary Gun: AK-47

Healing Item: First Aid Kit

Keycard: Level 3

Special: SCP-035 Swep/Tool


SCP-035 Swep/Tool

This tool is used for manipulating nearby players and converting them into the SCP team. It has a decent range and 40 second cooldown if used successfully.

(Think of it as 049's swep except it has slightly more range and turns them into 035's minions.)

This item cannot be picked up by other players.


Manipulated Player

(SCP Team)



You have been convinced by SCP-035 to assist him and his teammates to escape.

You are able to revive SCP-035 by pressing E on his mask.

Kill everyone and escape the facility.



Health: 100

Speed: Same as humans



You are able to pick up items that a regular human could.

By pressing E on SCP-035's mask after he dies, you are able to sacrifice yourself to revive SCP-035.



The same inventory you had before you were converted.


Reason for wanting this suggestion implemented

I would like to see this suggestion implemented because the current 035 isn't lore friendly and its just a Class-D with more health,

and this suggestion has an interesting playstyle that requires teamwork.

This can also be a replacement for SCP-323 with it's respawning mechanic.


ok thats all bye.

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