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Small Squad Update

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Hey everyone!


I just wanted to provide a small update on our Squad division. We're close to acquiring a server license that'll allow us to show up on the official server browser. We've gotten denied a couple times due to some small things not meeting minimum requirements, but I'm planning to apply again tonight and expecting it to succeed this time (they were also stating to reapply so we'll be fine once we alter this information).


With that said, I have applied an updated version of Compressor to our Sydney and Singapore POPs this weekend that allows Squad to work fine for clients routing through those. I just wanted to ensure things were running smoothly before pushing out the update to all POPs in Europe/Asia. Since it has been stable, I plan to update the rest of our Europe/Asia POPs early next week (probably tomorrow).


The server is technically up at (query port is 27165), but it isn't configured yet. I've given @Jekyll access and we'll be setting everything else up after applying the updates to the rest of our POP servers (players routing through these POPs won't be able to connect until I update Compressor as well).


I'm expecting things to be ready by mid-next week :)


Thank you!

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