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Who Am I?

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HELLO! I am Overdose, or AKA Karma Bannue. I am the proud owner of S4D (Survive 4 Days!) Youtube/Twitch/Clan.

 Member of NOVA 
 Member of Яememb3R CSGO Competitive Team 
NOVA on Facebook 
NOVA on YouTube 
My Twitch Channel [www.twitch.tv] 
My Facebook Page 
My Youtube Channel 
Reasons why I'm Awesome when I want to be: 
ஐ Dedicated to NOVA/GFL/S4DMember/Admin/Rapist. 
 (Previous) Super-Admin on NOVA. <-- Servers Closed
ஐ Letting people touch my nips only on Thursdays.
ஐ Being MLG at being MLG. 
ஐ Being the best friend/family I can to the community. <3 
 Lucky's Raffle Group <-- Don't click, they don't do anything. lol
 Bitches Ain't Shit Shit  (But Hoes And Tricks)
I admin a server on (BLANK) if you want to check it out:


DogTag.pngLEADER & POWERDogTag.png



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What a pretty introduction. You should probably hyperlink it. [*url=link]text[/url*] c:


Welcome to gfl new community. I hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, let us know. We don't have an application as of yet. So which server are trying to apply for?


credits to @Clavers

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